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About Us

Davina Cook is the Founder and Executive Director of Josie’s House of Help, Inc., a nonprofit organization in the Central Florida area. Davina earned a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management/Human Resource. Mrs. Cook formed this organization a few years following the passing of her grandmother, Josie Burnett. Giving back to those in the community was something Mrs. Burnett did on a continuous basis and she felt that starting a non-profit organization would be the prefect legacy of her.

LaShawnda Neil is the Volunteer Chairman of Josie's House of Help, Inc. Lashawnda is a wife, mother of two, sister, foodie and avid dance mom! We're trying to raise good kids that become good people and have doing fun doing it. Currently, I'm working in a business providing rapid testing healthcare products that help people live their best and fullest lives. I've met tons of new people and I am always learning about new people and I am always learning about new things and products. I'm enthusiastic about my new role at Josie's House to continue to help people in a different way. The purpose-driven organization is dedicated to supporting people to build better lives and strong communities in Orlando. 

Tahirah Atkins is the Fundraiser Chairman of Josie's House of Help Inc.  Tahirah is a compassionate leader in her professional and personal life. She takes pride in managing others and caring for those that seek to her for leadership. She is a talent ambassador and an expert of in-dept knowledge of business operations and food safety. She is a mover and shaker among her community and peers. She implements, develops and communicate processes and practices to meet all business needs.  She is a hard worker and a travel. Very honored of being apart of Josie's House of Help and devotes to commit her time and efforts to help build the community and uplift seniors of youth. 

Alfreda Buskey is the Marketing Chairman of Josie's House of Help, Inc.  Alfreda is the granddaughter of the late Josie T. Burnett for which this great organization was founded for. She is a wife and a mother of 2 beautiful daughters. Alfreda has Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management and a Master of Management in Human Resources and a proud graduate of a HBCU.  She is a compassionate leader and goal oriented individual with a determination to help those in the community. She wants to continue to build on the legacy her grandmother left behind by enriching others with resources that are not exposed to the local and surrounding communities

We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish. Tony Robbins

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