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About Us


Davina Cook is the Founder and Executive Director of Josie’s House of Help, Inc., a nonprofit organization in the Central Florida area. Davina earned a Bachelor’s degree in Healthcare Administration and a Master’s Degree in Management/Human Resource. Mrs. Cook formed this organization a few years following the passing of her grandmother, Josie Burnett. Giving back to those in the community was something Mrs. Burnett did on a continuous basis and she felt that starting a non-profit organization would be the prefect legacy of her.


In HONOR of National Women's Day, we would like to show homage to my Grandmother, the reason beyond Josie's House of Help, Josie T. Burnett. She had such a beautiful soul and a great woman of great strength. She was the family rock, my advisor and a prayer warrior. Mrs. Burnett was a mighty Woman of GOD until she took her last breath and because of her I AM who I AM!

Meet The Board

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